Conference papers

Joshua Gancher, Sydney Gibson, Pratap Singh, Samvid Dharanikota, and Bryan Parno, “Owl: Compositional Verification of Security Protocols via an Information-Flow Type System”, to appear at IEEE S&P 2023. Technical report


Thomas Bourgeat, Ian Clester, Andres Erbsen, Samuel Gruetter, Pratap Singh, Andrew Wright, and Adam Chlipala, “Flexible Instruction-Set Semantics via Type Classes”. Preprint

Journal papers

M Sacchi, P Singh, DM Chisnall, DJ Ward, AP Jardine, W Allison, J Ellis, and H Hedgeland, “The dynamics of benzene on Cu(111): a combined helium spin echo and dispersion-corrected DFT study into the diffusion of physisorbed aromatics on metal surfaces”, Faraday Discuss., 2017, 204, 471-485. View paper

H Hedgeland, M Sacchi, P Singh, AJ McIntosh, AP Jardine, G Alexandrowicz, DJ Ward, SJ Jenkins, W Allison, and J Ellis, “Mass Transport in Surface Diffusion of van der Waals Bonded Systems: Boosted by Rotations?”, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2016, 7 (23) 4819–4824. View paper

P Singh and H Hedgeland, “Special relativity in the school laboratory: a simple apparatus for cosmic-ray muon detection”, Physics Education, 2015, 50, 317-323. Selected for Physics Education Highlights of 2015. View paper